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The menu,

An app that let’s you experience your meal
before you place your order!

No More Guessing What To Order!

Why ask your server about every item on the menu,
when you can see for yourself? With fifteen second
videos showing every sumptuous dish in detail,
you’ll know exactly what to expect on your plate!

Dash showcases our great chefs and their craftsmanship

Tristan Beau De Lomenie,
General Manager Delegate, Pullman

"Dash.Menu showcases and highlights our great chefs and their craftsmanship. The dishes at Pluck are a work of art. What better way to showcase the hard work put in the menu than to show a glimpse of it live to a guest at the press of a button, dish by dish?"

Videos have suggestive power

Chandrakant Shetty,
Director: Gajalee Group

"Dash.Menu videos do justice to the food we prepare with such love and care. Videos provide the suggestive power that words don't. We are an internationally renowned traditional Maharashtrian coastal cuisine chain but we always want to keep up with the times & technology"

Dash has increased our APC tremendously

Monish Rohra,
Chef & Owner: Veranda

We are so proud to go visual with dash.menu that we put a huge screen at our bar to showcase the videos from the app. It has not only helped us showcase our modern indian menu design but has also increased our APC tremendously.

Dash truly whets one's appetite

Girjashanker Vohra,
Owner: Depot48

"Some of our dishes used to get sidelined on the paper menu. But that changed once we introduced dash.menu in our restaurant. They were great dishes already but the videos really helped us up sell our slow-moving inventory. Now we can't do without this app because it truly whets one's appetite. We have got two menu updates so far and it has been seamless."

A delightful experience.

Zubin Songadwala,
General Manager - ITC, Maurya

"Tian was one of the first few restaurants in Delhi that introduced Modern Asian Cuisine and a modern way to experience the food through Dash. With this revolutionary app, our diners can fully appreciate the creativity and artistry that goes behind cooking and plating each dish. Amazingly enough, this is just one of the few things this app delivers. We'll see you at Tian to show you more."

Your Menu, Your Way

Restaurants have changed, why not your menu? Simply choose your theme, add your dishes and we’ll take care of the rest! Our high quality videos are custom made just for you. Ordering food will never be the same again!

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